“We’ve been purchasing various welded and machined parts from Kobush Welding and Machining for over 15 years.  I’ve always found the quality to be excellent and they’ve always delivered our parts on time.”

Sebastian Heintz, President
Zenith Aircraft Company


“As I’ve worked to complete my project (CH-801), Travis has been helpful offering suggestions, and building parts and special tools over the 5 years course of my project.  Each part worked perfectly the first time and was built exactly as I wanted. Being able to depend on Kobush Welding and Machining for a quick turn-around at a reasonable cost has made this airplane building proposition more doable. It has meant a lot to know there is someone out there equipped and talented enough to build anything I can dream up.”

Dale Carlson, CH-801 Kit Builder


“You can’t win a race if you can’t finish a race.  I’ve never had one of Travis’ parts fail.  That’s why I choose Kobush Welding and Machining for all my welded and machined parts.”

 Tracy Graham, Three time National Champion, American Outboard Federation and American Powerboat Association


“I inspect and repair airplanes for individuals.  Sometimes we find a problem during the inspection and need to get it fixed immediately.  I’ve called Kobush Welding & Machining at noon asking for a quick turnaround.  Travis will call me by the end of the day and say the part is ready to be picked up.  They always provide outstanding quality, excellent customer service at a reasonable price.”

 Bob Moseley, Skytek, Inc.



“When you’re trying for 60,000 feet with an amateur built rocket, you only get one shot so your parts have to be right.  Kobush gets it right.”

Steve Openlander




Hi Travis,
I ordered a bungee installation tool from you last week and I received it yesterday. I went out tonight to replace the bungee on my plans built Zenith CH601XLB and I felt compelled to send you a note saying how satisfied I am. The tool works great! I think without the tool, the task of changing the bungee would be a knuckle busting episode where I would likely teach myself some new words. With your tool, the job took less than an hour from start to finish and I did not spill one drop of blood. My 601 has a Continental 0-200 so there is not much room between the back of the engine and the nose strut. Despite this, it was relatively easy to position and was generally dead simple to use. The tool is simple to use, well designed, well constructed and is excellent value.
Thank you!

 Joe Harrington

Click Here to Order the Bungee Tool.


I’ve had Travis weld titanium exhaust for me and it looked and held up better than the original factory welds..

 Jeff Robbins, 2 time AMA Loretta Lynn’s National Champion


I would like to thank you for all the welding you have done for us. It is nice knowing that when we give you a job, that it will be done with high standards. You have been able to weld with extreme accuracy and stability. Our jobs get high visibility because our parts are for military or test fixtures. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your promptness and high quality of workmanship.

Kris Hartbauer, K & H Machine Shop, LLC


“I used Travis Kobush while working at skytek aviation repair. Travis performed many specialized jobs from welding engine mounts to engine case repair. When I went to Hams Prairie Automotive we had Travis repair a tire cutter and provide us with some other materials. He stayed to his quote and he rushed the parts to us. Travis is very professional and his work is excellent. We will continue to have Travis perform all machine work for our shop.”

-Lance Wilson, Manager, Ham’s Prairie Automotive

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